Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poem: The Crane

The Crane

A Crane is not a stork
nor a machine that lifts like a pitchfork
(though it can be you see).
Its claim to fame is not carring babies
or passsing on rabies, but, like a stork
it’s white with a long beak and webbed feet.
It can Whoop, circle and loop.
Both birds are graceful,
but I think not playful.
It‘s not the Crane meaning
stretch out your neck to see,
but, if you strain you can aim to be,
creating an Origami.

©Maxine Landis

Introduction from Maxine

I want to introduce myself, I have been a poet for over 40 years. I have worked with some
well known poets and writers like Aram Saroyan, Jack Grapes, and many others. I am also
a veteran California Poet in the Schools and taught poetry and creative writing.
I have attended many seminars and writers conferences.
I have traveled extensively. I live in California on the central coast.
My latest release, "Wildflowers and Weeds", will be out soon.


Excerpt from the Circle: